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Helping people develop life, career and corporate skills

  • Programmes are usually based on the S.P.I.R. formula
  • S-Semi-Structured
  • P-Practical
  • I-Interactive
  • R-Reinforcing
  • Open Training & Customized On-site Training
  • Trek Talks & Unique LiveLife Programmes..Club 4:59 AM, Y.A.H.A....

Enhance your personal and professional success through the GITS India personality development and career enhancement programmes. Our programmes inculcate confidence and helps you get noticed - whether at a party or at a corporate meeting. These are potentially life and career enhancing courses. Seize the opportunity today!

GITS India with Live Life Foundation has been involved in upgrading the skill, attitude and knowledge across Organisations and Institutions from 1996.

The programmes also reach out to adults as well as students with well planned camps and leadership programmes.

The "Live Life... don't just exist" philosophy propels the members to conduct all the programmes with passion and zest.

The 4.59 am Club inspires members across the globe to wake up early and make the best use of the early morning.

Y.A.H.A. (Young At Heart Always) spurs a more pleasing personality and aids in living a more stress-free life.

The creatively crafted and highly effective programmes have propelled organisations and institutes, both private and government, towards continual improvement.

The Finishing School also provides avenues to upgrade professional skills and help young adults to be more effective at work.

Our strategic open programmes, residential and non-residential, are held in Goa. Programmes for specific Organisations are held both in Goa and on-site/in-house across the country for all levels.

From vibrant classroom sessions to passion-arousing outbound sessions, from camaraderie-fostering residential programmes to innovative Trek-talks ...GITS India with Live Life Foundation has served as an invaluable catalyst in unleashing potential and promoting organisational growth.


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