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  C.E.A.T.T - Camps, Events, Adventure, Trips & Treks

C.E.A.T.T. is about having fun and making friends while learning new skills. C.E.A.T.T learning adventure trips includes camps, trekking, tours and picnics. Each is based on a specific theme.

GITS India with Live Life foundation conducts regular Camps, Events, Adventure, Trips, Treks and tours on the theme...Live Life...don't just exist!

The focus on living life...with all our programmes add meaning and insight to the joyful experience.

Theme Camps
A series of creatively planned camps are conducted for adults on a range of themes...
The Enviro Camp
The Mind-Body-Soul Camp
The Teamwork Camp
The Dil Se camp

Exciting Events
GITS India with Live Life Foundation conducts a range of vibrant events:

Family Night out
Passion Karaoke
Joy of Giving Event
Event Creato

Adventure special
The mantra... Live Life...don't just exist!, Inspires our Adventure specials.
Creatively planned adventures trips are made to ensure that the participants gain confidence and have a different experience to cherish.

Adventure trips are conducted both in well as in other states in the country.

Treks are conducted at various sites in Goa. The green forest cover provides sample opportunities leadership activities during the treks.

Trek Talk Destresso
Trek Talk Passion
Trek Talk Lead
Trek Talk Team No.1

Leadership theme tours from Goa across the country and tours in Goa are conducted to add meaning and insight to the participants.

The Tours designed on the live life theme and conducted in association with Y.A.H.A. and the 4.59 am Club take participants to a slew of exciting spots in Goa as well as across the country.

The highlights of the tours are the exciting entertainment and related events that ensure memories for a lifetime.

Club 4:59 am

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