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  4.59 am Club

“The Morning magic. Waking up early can propel you ahead. Some of the most successful and happy people are early risers.   Enjoy Morning Life.”
Atul Shah-Co-Founder, 4.59 am Club

Highlights of the 4:59 AM Club

The Club encourages men and women of all ages to wake up early and avail the early morning advantage. The Club began on 1st January, 2016 in Goa.


The Club has regular overnight Camps where participants have theme evenings and wake up at 4.59 am in the morning undertaking a series of positive activities, workouts and share ideas.

Recent 4.59 am camps:

The last 3 overnight 4.59 am Club workshops...
The 4.59 am Utorda Overnight
The 4.59 am Amboli Monsoon Overnight
The 4.59 am Karaoke Overnight.

An 'Open Box' approach!

The Club does not suggest any specific schedule. It only emphasises on the need to use the morning effectively by planning one's own schedule.

Encourage to make the grade!

The Club offers waking in 5 Targets
1. Upto 4.59 am
2. From 5.00 am to 5.29 am
3. From 5.30 am to 5.59 am
4. From 6.00 am to 6.29 am
5. From 6.30 am to 7.19 am

Members gradually improve their waking schedule rise to the higher target.

We are on Whatsapp too!

The 4.59 am Club has a Whatsapp group that is functional only till 7.19 am every morning.

Members are only permitted to post a "Good Morning" on the group and commence their morning schedule.
No chats or forwards are permitted on the group.

Joining the 4:59 am club or the Whatsapp group

Please direct your queries to or message Krupa Barot on +919372043851.

Your Gain:

Enjoy the Awakening!
Better Quality Sleep If you wake up at the same time everyday your body will adjust and not only will it be easier for you to rise in the morning, you will also feel tired at night and fall asleep faster.

Gain More Time The math is simple - more time awake equals more time to get things done. Everyone is different, but most people need about eight hours of sleep to be properly rested. It is possible to over-sleep and when you are doing this you are wasting time. This can also be said for the flip side, if you spend an hour in bed tossing and turning at night you are losing time. If the quality of your sleep improves and you are spending 30 minutes less in bed this can add up to huge amounts of time.

No More Morning Rush - Sleeping in leads to being rushed and being late. If you have kids they are sleeping in too and everyone's day starts in chaos.

Less Stress - Being in a rush can be stressful. When under stress you are more likely to forget to do things or skip important morning rituals like breakfast. Even if you do nothing in this extra time but sit on the couch relaxing and drinking coffee it is worth it.

Quiet Time - If you live in a noisy house with kids, this could be the quiet alone time you are looking for.

Work on Your Goals - Keys to Optimal Living is all about achieving more. This extra thirty minutes or hour in the morning could be just what you need to finally finish writing that book.

Exercise - Go to the gym, a run, or simply go for a walk. Fitness will be the next challenge for me, but as it stands I believe any exercise is better than none. A calories burned walking around the block are still extra calories.

Enjoy the sunrise - When was the last time woke up and watched the sunrise. Relaxation is not wasted time. If you don't have time to wind down at the end of the day, do it in the beginning. Try meditating, visualizations, or deep breathing. All of these will create a peaceful mind state you can take with you through the rest of the day.

Club 4:59 am
Club 4:59 am
Club 4:59 am
Club 4:59 am

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