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Goa Passion Programme:
A vibrant programme that seeks to add zing & passion to its participants.

The spectrum of rejuvenating sessions conducted in scenic locations in Goa (indoors & outdoors) propels a more positive outlook & zest in personal & professional life.

The Goa Josh programme:
Is designed to rejuvenate and refresh the participants in the delightful ambience of beautiful Goa. The structured programme seeks to tap potential, reduce stress and realign ones goals in a more positive angle.

The spectrum of practical sessions conducted in scenic locations in Goa (indoors & outdoors) propels a more positive outlook & zest in personal & professional life.

The programme is of 2 nights & 3 days duration. It begins on a Friday afternoon and ends on a Sunday morning.
  Programme Highlights:
  • -Motivational talks on Boat cruises
  • -Bonding on picturesque Beaches
  • -Dawn Insights
  • -Emotional Intelligence upgrading
  • -Destresso sessions on forest treks
  • -Introspection at scenic Sunsets
  • -Power yoga
  • -Group discussions on positive themes

The Goa Passion Programme is aimed at:
Adults, Couples, Professionals, Corporate & Govt sector teams. Even well behaved kids can attend (ideally above 12).

More about the programme:
The programme will be arranged at an exciting venue close to a beach. The stay in the venue would be only for the night as programme involves activities and sessions at picturesque venues all over Goa.

The Facilitators / Trainers:
The programme would be conducted by this team:
  1. Atul Shah - All India double Gold medallist in Training & Development, Director of GITS India. Organised over 750 programmes, camps & events all over the country.

  2. Mrs. Kiran Chari Shah, Prime Trainer of JCI University, National Trainer of Indian Jaycees. Lively and talented Trainer

  3. Krupa Barot - The Josh Programme Co-ordinator and HOD, HR in GITS India. Highly spirited, known to live life with josh.

  4. Sophia Dourado - Experienced facilitator, been involved in programmes for the youth for several years.

  5. Uday Dessai - Yoga Master
  6. Lysandra Fernandes - Dance Expert and Zumba exponent.
  7. Denzyl Cordeiro - The Games Guru
  8. Abhay Kesarkar - Stress Management Expert.
  9. Dr. Madhavi - Health & Diet expert
  10. Shirish Dessai - Travel Guru. Known for his insights.
  11. Sanjeev Sardesai - Expert Guide. History expert.
  12. Sheyas Haldankar - Karaoke & entertainment in-charge

The Fees:
The fee is Rs 19,900/- per person and it includes everything from stay, travel, all meals, sightseeing (as part of the events), course material, etc. There is a discount of Rs 1,500 for couples.

The participants have to reach the start venue on their own.

For Registration:
Click on the 'Nominate' button below, fill and email the form that opens. Gits India Goa will contact you.

Choose between six options:
  1. On 24-25 -26 Aug (Friday 12.00 noon to Sunday 12.00 noon)

  2. On 28- 29 -30 Sept (Friday 12.00 noon to Sunday 12.00 noon)

  3. On 23 -24-25 Nov (Friday 12.00 noon to Sunday 12.00 noon)

  4. On 25 -26 27 Jan (Friday 12.00 noon to Sunday 12.00 noon)

  5. On 8-9-10 Feb (Friday 12.00 noon to Sunday 12.00 noon)

  6. On 11-12-13 May (Friday 12.00 noon to Sunday 12.00 noon)
For queries you many contact either Krupa Barot on +919372043851 or, Atul Shah on +919823617362


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