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GITS India conducts Stress Management Training as a stand-alone topic, as well as part of Managerial Training.

Our creativity and innovation programs are useful for senior management, R&D and anyone who wants a disciplined approach (process) for innovation, idea generation, concept development, or a strategy to challenge the status quo, a cutting edge.

Dates:15-16 Feb, 2019
Timing- 10:00am 5:00pm

Venue:International Center, Dona Paula, Goa

Type: Residential programme

Fee: Rs 15,500/- per person

Discount: : Rs 14,000/- per person for 3 or more delegates from same organization.

Certificate: Certificate of Participation would be provided to all the participants.

GITS India conducts Stress Management Training as a stand-alone topic, as well as part of Managerial Training. We focus on the following aspects of stress:
  1. The Integrated Stress Response
  2. The Integrated Stress Response
  3. Stress and Health
  4. Stress and its Impact on Thinking
  5. Stress and productivity
  6. Management of Stress
    1. Action-oriented skills: These skills relate to situations which you have the power to effect change
    2. Emotionally-oriented skills: These skills relate to situations which you can manage stress only by changing the way you feel about it.
    3. Acceptance oriented skills: These skills relate to situation which your focus must be on surviving the stress.

Planning & Prioritizing & Stress Management

This program helps you to understand the causes of stress and how it affects at different levels of your personality. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, here are some powerful stress management resources to help you.

  • Reduces harmful stress levels
  • Improves physical and physiological health
  • Improves coping skills
  • Improves relationships
  • Enables you to feel more energized
  • Encourages a Positive Attitude
  • Develops the ability to perceive events from different points of view

Training Topics:
Planning & Prioritising:
  • Getting Organised
  • Creating a To-Do list
    1. Activity Logs
    2. Analyzing Your Time Log
    3. To-Do Lists
  • Managing Distractions effectively
    -Identifying time robbers and putting specific action plan to overcome it
  • Prioritizing activities and tasks Daily Weekly Monthly
    -Creating the Action Plan
  • Stress Management topics:
    • What is Stress?
    • Types of Stress
    • Symptoms of work stress
    • Causes of Harmful Work Stress
    • From Reaction to Response
    • Contemporary Relaxation techniques
    • Personality and Stress Questionnaire
    • The Power of Perception
    • Power Yoga


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