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TRAIN THE TRAINERS - Is a faculty training programme for corporates and Govt. institutions.

Train the Trainers workshop has been developed to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement training programs.

Dates: 26-27 Oct, 2018
Timing- 10:00am – 5:00pm

Venue:International Center, Dona Paula, Goa

Type: Non-Residential programme

Fee: Rs 14,500/- per person

Discounted Fees:Rs 13,000/- per person for 3 or more delegates from same organization.

Certificate: Certificate of Participation would be provided to all the participants.

Programme Objective:
  • Be a certified Trainer
  • Master your Communication Skills
  • Propel your Training skills
  • Adopt key Training Techniques
  • Develop the Skills & Competencies required for a Trainer
  • An Understanding of Group (audience) Dynamics
  • Handling Cynicism, Fear and Resistance
  • Creating a Dynamic Training Program & Energy in The Training Room
  • Role-Play Management Skills
  • Using Your Personal Strengths to Your Advantage in the Training Room

Train The Trainer Outline

Our workshop has been developed to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement training programs.

Training Topics:
Introduction and overview

Training Needs Analysis:

Conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
Methods of TNA

Design of Training Programs:
  1. Designing the Training Program,
  2. Determining the message,
  3. Crafting the storyline,
  4. Building a presentation storyboard,
  5. Making the most of your visuals – pictures and graphs,
  6. Development of Training Material:
    1. Understanding the audience,
    2. Structure of delivery,
    3. Mediums of delivery,
    4. Methods of evaluation,
    5. Identification of Training Activities
Delivering the Training Program:
Platform Skills:

✓ Voice
✓ Body language
✓ Connect & Rapport with Audience
✓ Enthusiasm
Facilitation Skills:
✓ Questioning
✓ Listening
✓ Drawing People out
✓ Leading Discussions
✓ Demonstrating a skill
Process Skills:
✓ Creating a positive environment for learning
✓ Handling resistance
✓ Debriefing
✓ Summarizing & Effective wrap up

Evaluating the Training Program:
✓ Understanding Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation
✓ Choosing evaluation techniques based on the nature of training
Assessment Methodology:
A Pre-and-Post Training Assessment will be conducted in the following way:

-Each participant will come in prepared to do a 5-10 minute training session
-Parameters that have been decided on will be used to score this presentation
-This presentation will be videotaped
-At the end of the program, each participant will do another 5-10 minute training session
-They will be graded on the same parameters
-The presentation will also be videotaped
-The trainer will give a short written evaluation on each participant with regards to his/her strengths and growth areas in the space of training.



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