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  Y.A.H.A. - Young At Heart Always.

Y.A.H.A. is about staying mentally and physically healthy and feeling your best at any age. Staying young is amazing, is completely natural and is an age eraser that boost brain power. Come, join the Y.A.H.A. group today.

The meaning of Y.A.H.A.

Y.A.H.A. stands for Young At Heart Always. It is open for all adults above 21 years who wish to relive their child hood days.
Y.A.H.A. is inspired by the mantra...Live Life...don't just exist!

Y.A.H.A. started on 8th January, 2017.

The Y.A.H.A. Mission

Y.A.H.A. aims to bring back the child-like attitude that we had in our school days. The endeavour is to help people live a more happy, meaningful and stress free life.

Principles of the Y.A.H.A.

Y.A.H.A. promotes 5 principles that were characteristic of our school days.
  1. Joy in Small things
  2. Live in the moment.
  3. Have no grudges
  4. Be a learner
  5. Laugh heartily

Y.A.H.A. Activities:

Y.A.H.A. organises activities for members, adults, corporate organisations... that foster positive living inspired by the 5 Y.A.H.A. principles (mentioned above).

Workplace Y.A.H.A.

A 2/3 hours event based on the 5 Y.A.H.A. principles that relieves stress and builds firmer bonds.

Team members are nudged to give up grudges and live life with positive passion ( as was being done in their school days.)

Some of the events for Y.A.H.A. members includes...

a. Y.A.H.A. Back-to-School
A day in a school (on Sunday) where adults dress like school students and have a great time attending a full day of school.

b. Y.A.H.A. Sports Day...
The joy of positive competition in a spectrum of sports from relay races to cricket.

c. Y.A.H.A. School Annual day...
Prizes, surprises and performances by members

d. Y.A.H.A. Night out
The members go on a night out under the watchful eye of an appointed Teacher (from the Members itself)

e. Y.A.H.A. Picnic
A fun-filled picnic with activities that bring back the exciting memories of the good-old-days

Becoming a Y.A.H.A. Member

Please direct your queries to or message Krupa Barot on +919372043851.


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